Description of the Doll

The doll is an archetype of childhood, yet for this keyform I not only interacted with my youthful self, but also the imagination of myself in the future, at age 64. This keyform begged me to ask the question- what is wisdom? In visiting my past and interacting with a doll, I called upon all of my youthful innocence and imagination. And in doing so, I also was led in a meditation/visualization to meet myself in the future and to imagine what wisdom I would share from the future to my current self. In this visualization, I imagined myself wearing black wide-leg pants and a gray poncho with wild hair. I knew herbs and made teas, I had a large family, both in traditional sense and in a larger chosen family sense. I was a person who created community around me and led with a reverence for the earth, my own rhythms, and for the needs of others. I had found balance in creating positive change in the outside world and in finding solitude and peace for myself. Much like my midwifery elders who trained me in the midwifery model of care, I saw a person who had found balance and who accepted herself for all of who she is. I created this doll, who I named Wild Rose, to honor this vision of wisdom and to trust in both the self of my youth and the self of my future to reveal that truth to me through my openness and learning while weaving the doll and beyond.