Gina Forbes of Alchemy Weaving is available for consultation to support both individual growth and organizational process. Uniquely combining the foundational process of the midwifery model and somatic embodiment, Gina focuses on walking alongside her client, empowering their own self-exploration and helping them delve into their own inner purpose, define individual or group values and extend their actions from within to have the intended impact on the outer world. Embodiment, reflection, dialogue and creative exploration are at the core of Alchemy’s approach.

Gina Forbes also works with the Weaving a Life model and she offers weaving circles for groups as well as one-on-one offerings. Gina will work with a group/client in the exploration of weaving, archetype and personal journey. Define and stay oriented toward your personal values, deepen your inner purpose, explore identity, lovingly confront and walk with/through fears and take the next steps in your life based on your true inner calling.

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Services & Offerings Include

One-on-One Weaving a Life Coaching: Journey with the Keyforms

Weaving a Life Circles: Journey with the Keyforms

Workshops (Examples are Below-- Please Stay Posted for Current Offerings):

Weaving a Life Keyform Workshops

The Felt Sense: Embodiment and Weaving 101

Taking Form: Three-Dimensional Weaving

Trauma, Resilience and the Mask

Handwork and Ritual

Weaving with Children: One-on-one and group classes for children and their people