Bowl with seaweed

Description of Bowl

The Bowl is the second keyform in the Weaving a Life process, but it is the first keyform whose shape takes form from two dimensional to three dimensional by pulling the warp threads at the end of the weaving process. With this process of three dimensional weaving, there is an element of surprise in its creation. You can be intentional about the colors and following the pattern as you weave, but you don’t know exactly what shape it will take and how it will come together until you take it off the loom and begin to pull the warp threads tight. The bowl represents the process of birth, of forming and becoming.  It calls for acts of love, forgiveness and presence as you wait and watch the bowl emerge. It is also about receiving. Bowls, like a chalice, hold whatever form inhabits it. Patiently, steadily, it receives and holds.

The process of weaving the bowl happened for me near the ocean and to finish the bowl, one is asked to use an item from nature to line the rim and create strength around the edge, to help it hold its shape. I tried a multitude of plants, thin sticks from the land where my mother’s house resides. Nothing worked as I imagined it to. And just when I was beginning to feel frustration, I put down the work and took a walk on the beach. I encountered a pile of seaweed and began collecting. Like birth, sometimes the process of creation happens in its own time and in its own unexpected way. For the creative process to flow, one must let go and trust in the process.