Description of the Belt of Power

The belt of power corresponds with adolescence or a time in a process when it’s vital to make choices in one’s life and yield power in the outer world. Unlike the innocence of youthful play with a doll, the belt of power draws on a burgeoning sense of the complexity of the world around you and the need for discernment and choice. This belt of power is a tool to use when one is called to choose how to act on their values. To me, the belt is meant to be fierce. As I wove the belt of power, I thought about what makes me feel powerful. In my own processes of embodied exploration, I had an image come to mind of myself as a fire fairy with the power to shoot flames from my hands and the power to put up a circle of fire around me when I need protection. I also think about the balance of elements, so for the belt, I included a match to represent the power of my fire and salt water which I blessed in the light of the full moon, to represent the cooling effects of water and the power of the moon. I also chose a pen, as writing was becoming a creative form for me to express myself. When I can embody the fire and the water and stand in my power, then I can create and act with the utmost personal power, moving from the core of who I am. In a metaphorical process, this is the part where strength and determination help yield the desired results.