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Description of Amulet 

The Amulet is a beginning, the seed, a conception. The work of the amulet in the Weaving a Life process begins with a life story review and reflection on your core values that you can identify as vital to your life. These core values then get aligned with a color and then with a thread of that color, which becomes the warp for the process of weaving. Warp is the vertical fibers through which one weaves the weft from side to side; it gives structure and form. In weaving the amulet, one is putting their values at the core of the weaving and then letting the work begin to emerge. Without intention and the centering of the values we hold dear, the structure would not be as strong.

My process: When I think of an amulet, I also think of a form that offers protection. In my youth being raised by Italian women, amulets were spoken of as protection from the evil eye or malocchio. Many cultures have traditions of protective amulets. The Italian amulets of my youth are related to fertility and fecundity, protecting one’s vital health and well-being as related to reproduction and the health of offspring. This connection between forming an amulet and a fertile conception does not pass by unnoticed. This amulet is an ancient symbol of protection for the seeds of creation to occur. For me, it beckoned me not only to my own process, but to the stories of my mother and grandmother as I began to think about how I related to this archetypal form. And, so my weaving process began with inspiration from my maternal lineage and exploring the roots of where I come from.